Nut’ritious Butters

Aim: Design and develop a mini brochure website to promote new brand and product.


For this mini website project in 2016, we partnered with Bianca Miller and Microsoft 365 to promote a project aimed at giving startups get on the right track with all their business software and hardware needs.

Nut’ritious Butters were the chosen winners of Bianca Miller’s “Office 365 competition”. This allowed the winners to get 30 days of free overall guidance, business advice from how to buy a domain name, logo and branding, social media marketing, product design and positioning themselves in their chosen market.

Part of Ambertree Creative’s role was to design and develop a mini brochure website which the client could use to promote their product and also allow their team to update content and post blogs. With a tight deadline, we were able to fulfil the request ahead of the filming and promoting by Microsoft.