Bianca Miller London

Aim: Design and develop online store for new brand and product


In 2015 we partnered with Bianca Miller to create and develop an easy to use online eCommerce website to launch her new brand of nude hosiery. The unique 8 shades of tights that match pretty much every diverse skin tone.

Aswell as being the official and only online presence to sell the selection of nude hosiery, a big part of developing the site was to ensure the sites content was informative enough help the shopper understand which nude hosiery best suited their skin tone.

The new site was lunched in November 2015 and was built on a WordPress implementation with the custom theme designed and developed in-house by Ambertree Creative. With an easy-to-use CMS, updating content, stock, added new products and managing and creating blog articles was perfect and everything the team needed to sell the Bianca Miller Hosiery range online.

Since the success of that launch the product has grown online aswell as retail sales. New products have been launched like the Bianca Miller nude nail varnish collection which was first showcased and available only on the site.

We were also involved in various high quality and engaging social media ad campaigns to enhance to awareness of the brand.