Favourite Work Tools

Article Posted: 28.Jul.2017 @ 8:35 AM

Every designer, developer, or general office worker has their favourite working tools that get them through the day and at the same time helps them be as productive as possible. At Ambertree Creative, we’re no different. I must admit I have a number of work tools…in fact a lot, but I have my top work tools I fire up straight away to get me started ahead of my working day.

As a developer and designer I need to keep on top of things and having tools that allow me to do things from one application (or as less applications possible) greatly improves my productivity.

So here are my top 5 working tools to keep me productive…

Google Apps

This is the first application I fire up when I start my day. In fact I barely fire it up as Google is my home page when I open my Chrome browser (yes from Google). As I’m already signed in, I have the options to check my emails, Keep notes on projects well or anything I may feel I will need later. Check my Calendar and reminders (useful add on) to see what my day consist of and keeps my on track.

Using Google Drive as my cloud base storage system allows to be anywhere, and on any device. Whether it be on my phone, tablet, laptop or in a airport waiting to jet off to a meeting (hasn’t happened yet…but you get my point), I can still run the business, share files, check documents, view UX mockup designs and so on.

By far my most important work tool and knowing I don’t have to be in the office all day to be productive is a great bonus. Having a full charged phone with or without WiFi and my laptop I can still get a full day’s worth of work done.

So many other useful applications within Google I haven’t mentioned such as Hangout, Web Master Tools, Maps and Books just to name a few.


Trello is possibly the biggest “win” to me in 2017. This awesome collaborative tool allows me to implement an Agile environment without actually having an Agile environment. This is more of a Kanban style work board..more relaxed.

Trello allows me to work with other teams within the office, remote teams, and with clients on the other side of the world on projects in swim lane board format. It gives you the access to see who is working on what part of the project, what is expected, what the goals are, what has been completed and gives everyone an idea of where they are on the project.

I also like Trello as this allows me to have more than one work/kanban board with many different teams/clients separately.


Another collaborative tool that many creative teams prefer to use. We use Slack in a very relaxed way in the office. Another cool way to communicate with others in the team (internally and externally) and to keep updates on projects and share files.

What’s App (web)

I know this may seems strange tool to be called a “working tool”, but as most developers know being distracted whilst coding in that zone…that place of peace, that place where nothing else matters but the flow of code running through your and manifesting itself on screen whilst you type is the most annoying thing in the world.

My phone can go off every couple of seconds on a busy day and being available to your clients, partners and of course my wife is important to me. So instead of me picking up my phone each time I get alert, which takes me away from typing (distraction) I have the what’s app alert come up on my browser, which I can then respond to via the browser.

No more picking up the phone (whilst in the zone), no more taking my focus away from the screen…just an easier less distracting work flow.


Come on now…who doesn’t need a little jam in their ears while they work, huh? When you need a little pick me up, little inspiration, get in the zone, a little wake me up (all been there), or that track that is constantly on your mind…Spotify is an awesome work tool. On your phone, tablet, laptop or PC it’s with you when you need it.

I have created playlist for every discipline – I have a UX playlist, WordPress playlist, Pure Dev playlist, Graphic Design playlist, Gospel playlist (cause you need that Word), Garage playlist (UK people know about this) and so on. On occasion I’m allowed to share with the office.


So there it is, just some of the tools that get us up and running and performing at our best here at Ambertree Creative. You may find some of these useful or have your very own. Whatever the case may be…be great at what you do and enjoy doing it.

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